First Impressions of the new iPhone 4

I’ve had the phone for 24 hours now so it might be a little too early to say, but I have no idea how engadget managed to get 38 hours out of it. From 6am this morning until now i’ve had the phone off the charger, light web browsing, about 30minutes total of angry birds and zombie farm, not making any phone calls at all and I’m already at 55% battery. I hope its just a breaking in process but last night i completely ran down the battery until it would not turn on at all and full charged it without even touching it.

Another annoyance I tested out was pairing it with my bluetooth headphones which still does not support the next and previous track buttons. But one good thing is theres no beep when you pause or play music.

My biggest problem is waiting for everyone to update their apps in the app store to ios4 versions that have higher res icons and multitasking. The older icons are so blatantly obvious to tell with the new display its crazy. Other then that the screen is amazing, the speed of the phone is leaps and bounds beyond the 3G, the design and feel is way more solid and I can finally have push gmail with my job’s exchange server at the same time.

After a couple more days of playing around with the phone I’ll give my final thoughts so stay tuned.

Kinect, Move, Wii

Soooo Microsoft announced Kinect, Sony announced Move, Nintendo demoed the new motionplus enabled Zelda game. I guess the future of gaming is not to just sit there and play but to get heavily involved in the action. Some games will probably be amazing for house partys (Dance Central) but how long can these games keep peoples attention?

While most of the demo’s looked pretty cool, I don’t see how long I’d be able to play Kinectimals until I’ve seen every last animation and trick to do with the little tiger. “Well its not for you its for kids”. True but even kids get bored pretty fast these days so I wonder how that’s going to work out.

Anyways I personally think of gaming as relaxing time. Sit back in my chair or lay in bed and spend a few hours on Final Fantasy or my latest favorite Split/Second. With all these new get-up-and-play devices coming out, how long will it be until the relaxing part becomes obsolete?