Tesla Fest East 2019

Not so much hot laps, but luke warm laps

This past Saturday, October 26th, 2019 was Tesla Fest East at NCCAR hosted by Out of Spec Motoring. Many Model 3 owners showed up to take their car on the track and experience what the car can really do, as well as a handful of Model S and Model X vehicles.

Owners came from locations far and wide including California, Chicago, New Hampshire and Florida to join in on the festivities. Track mode claimed many many tires lives that day. Many amps as well.

Tesla McTeslaface on the track at Tesla Fest East 2019
Tesla McTeslaface on the track at Tesla Fest East 2019

The track is about 2 miles long with a half mile straightaway. The performance Model 3’s in the hands of more experienced drivers were able to get up to 125 mph or higher. My top speed was 114 mph and while I probably could have gone a little faster, I didn’t want to burn up my brake pads too severely. Then again, this is the only time I’ve actually used my brakes so it evens out.

Tesla Fest East was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a car to date and I cannot wait until next years event. Hopefully even more owners show up to enjoy some laps around the track and learn about their cars abilities in a safe and controlled environment.

Tesla Model 3 – 2019.24.4 Power Usage

Plugged In Power Usage

With the wider release of the 2019.24.4 firmware update, Tesla seems to have changed how leaving your car plugged in behaves.

Plugged In Power Usage
Tesla Model 3 Plugged In Power Usage

In my very limited 2 days of observation so far, the new 2019.24.4 behavior keeps the car at your desired charge limit even hours after charging completes. To achieve this, more functions seem to run off wall power, one such being the cabin overheat protection.

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