iPhone 5 vs HTC One S: Camera Preview

So the iPhone 5 is now available to the masses and while every tech site compares the phone to the other big boys (Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X) I figured it would be cool to compare it to my new phone, the HTC One S. I’ll get into more detail between the two phones in another post but for now I’ll compare the camera and video capabilities of each.

All of these were taken right at my computer desk so nothing super technical about them and all pictures were taken with the stock default settings; open the camera app from the lock screen and shoot a picture, leaving the camera to auto focus on its own. NOTE: the iPhone 5 takes pictures in 4:3 aspect ratio so the HTC One S was changed from its default 16:9 to 4:3 to match.
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iPhone 4: New design, still a 3G iPod touch

Cya iphone, its been fun. I have a new touchscreen to replace you called the G2. I tried to give you another chance on multiple occasions but you just could never make the cut. Now that angry birds is making its way onto android phones, you’re dead to me.

I never wrote a serious review for the iPhone 4 like I said I would but that’s because I really hate the device as a phone. The apps are great, web browser is almost perfect and the battery lasts at least a day now (from what I can tell at least, since I never really could commit an entire day to using it exclusively) but those factors are not enough. Coming from blackberry os I expect my phone to do certain things which the iPhone does not. Some of the big ones for me are push email for every email address, call logs that go back more then only the last call, a hardware keyboard, louder speakerphone, louder earpiece, bluetooth remote functions, a better notification system…the list can go on forever. Its very annoying to see a notification on screen then unlock the phone without realizing it popped up and having no idea where it came from.

Even as an iPod I don’t really care too much for the phone. Bluetooth headphones can’t control changing songs and the on screen media keys require you to have the device out instead of just hitting a button while its tucked away in a belt clip or in a coat pocket like I can do with my bold.

Overall the phone is a step up from the 3G and 3GS in terms of battery life but for what I expect my cellphone to do, it doesn’t make the cut nor do I think it ever will. The phone has sold this many units thus far, why would Apple drastically change it up now?

First Impressions of the new iPhone 4

I’ve had the phone for 24 hours now so it might be a little too early to say, but I have no idea how engadget managed to get 38 hours out of it. From 6am this morning until now i’ve had the phone off the charger, light web browsing, about 30minutes total of angry birds and zombie farm, not making any phone calls at all and I’m already at 55% battery. I hope its just a breaking in process but last night i completely ran down the battery until it would not turn on at all and full charged it without even touching it.

Another annoyance I tested out was pairing it with my bluetooth headphones which still does not support the next and previous track buttons. But one good thing is theres no beep when you pause or play music.

My biggest problem is waiting for everyone to update their apps in the app store to ios4 versions that have higher res icons and multitasking. The older icons are so blatantly obvious to tell with the new display its crazy. Other then that the screen is amazing, the speed of the phone is leaps and bounds beyond the 3G, the design and feel is way more solid and I can finally have push gmail with my job’s exchange server at the same time.

After a couple more days of playing around with the phone I’ll give my final thoughts so stay tuned.